Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, and if you happen to be in SINGAPORE!

Go to this:
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San Diego gets up, global-stylez.

That kind of reminds of this Gogol Bordello shirt I saw a kid wearing last Friday that said, 'Think Locally. Fuck Globally.'

SD is gettin' mad global. Kareem's DEATH PEDAL and all the world tour mania that has come w/ this awesome film is helping to put SD even more up on the map.

If you haven't seen the film or picked up the DVD yet, do so promptly. It's fast-paced fun, like your favorite punk-rock album.

Available here:

D.P., directed by SD's Kareem Shehab, features San Diego's most gnarly fixed-gear riders and world-class riders from Germany, Singapore, Seattle, and Phoenix. D.P. was filmed in Singapore, Peru, SD, Seattle, PHX, and Beijing. To learn more about the Beijing element of the filming and how I was fortunate enough to get involved w/ the filming and the fun, check out my Beijing Dispatches blog at

Beijing Dispatches hosts some photos from the trip to Beijing that Kareem and I took last summer which involved plenty of mashing, raging shows, and getting into Olympic Games! And, yes, we did plenty of nerding out on ping pong matches and bike events, particularly the Lasoshan Velodrome Track race where we saw a world-record got BROKED and also the first BMX Olympics appearance ever!

65 cents for a cup of Tsingtao beer at the Olympic games? Yes, and amazing.

And by the way, speaking of China, Beijing, and blogs, I just learned a few days ago from my friend who resides in China that my Prereq BJ Dispatches blog is now CENSORED in China!

That's the SECOND BLOG of mine that's been CENSORED by the Chinese government. My first blog I couldn't access because of what I believe is due to the political-orientation of my URL headline. My 2nd Prereq blog was accessible during my whole trip. But apparently, someone at the China Censoring Department, or whatever bureaucratic name they've chosen to use, perhaps noticed my intentional misspellings of words like 'cnsrshp' and 'dmcrcy.' Or maybe it was due to a picture I took of an interesting monitoring system that films intersections and displays the live happenings of intersection traffic on a giant screen. Check it out (on the blog) to see the pic.

It's kind of sad that my blog got censored since now my friends in China can't read it anymore but it's also pretty interesting that the Chinese government doesn't want their citizens reading about sociological subjects that interest me.

This whole ordeal actually increases my fascination w/ modern Chinese society, culture, and arts even more...

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