Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gus Molina On The Set of Blade Runner 2

So, if you haven't heard, Gus Molina (North County/San Diego-area) is going to be in a new fixed gear film--Blade Runner 2--directed by Ridley Scott. It's going to be pretty epic, as you can imagine, based on Scott's original installment--Blade Runner 1--and as you can tell by viewing the leaked photo which appears above.

While taking a break from filming last nite, Gus stopped by Critical Pass and dropped some sick tricks. Look out for him at Cult Classic 2 coming up in 2 weeks...Lots of 2s lately, right?

Radical photo by SoybeanDave.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Weekend for SD Bike Life Starts Tonite!

This is going to be a big weekend for San Diego Bike Life and it all starts tonite!

-Friday: Matt Kelly Fest is going on right now and will continue into the evening.

-Friday: Critical Mass @ The Fountain @ 7pm. Word is that some conscientious riders will be doing some pro-active positive outreach tonite. Come out and support.

-Friday: Critical Pass @ The Fountain after 7pm. For those that are more into tricks and chillin' rather than riding w/ 1,000+ people, CP might be for you. This particular evening my boy Joe Kelley is stepping it up to create more of a comp feel at CP. Tonite there will be a comp for single trick, best trick line, a sprint race, and the 2nd Annual Robert R. Footdown. For those who don't know Robert, he is the most vicious footdown player in San Diego! Haha. F*cking love that guy.

-Saturday: Recover from Friday nite and prepare for Sunday--i.e. Watch some clips of Milwaukee Polo and create a list of what you'd like to see the Bike Coalition focus on in 2010 : )

-Sunday: Bike Polo at 2pm! Bike Polo is every Wednesday and now Sunday, too! Meet at 2pm at 35th & Adams Park. After Polo a group of us will be riding to the SD County Bike Coalition Urban Core Improvement Discussion.

-Sunday: Bike Coalition Urban Core Improvement Discussion. At the SD County 2009 4-hour long Board Retreat meeting it was determined that in 2010 the Urban Core/Center City/Mid City area of SD will be the focus for the year. On Sunday we will talk about specific ways to improve our city. Help shape our urban future! Be there at 5pm at Velo Cult Bike Shop in South Park. We may migrate over to The Station for the discussion.

Death Pedal 2 Trailer!

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Leave it to SD's Kareem Shehab to bring back the fixed brutality! What a super fun, seizure-inducing, trailer w/ incredible footage, riding, editing, animation, and a great song to match!

Killa Kareem makes SD proud. This trailer made my day. Can't wait for the full feature!

Also, check out the new Death Pedal site.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Friday!: Matt Kelly Fest in North Park with All Leather, CHAZ, & More!

Come out tomorrow nite to Matt Kelly Fest and help Matt's friends raise some money to offset the high costs of his hospitalization, required after a semi-truck driver struck him while riding his bike to work!

A whole slew--yeah, I said slew--of rad bands will be playing Matt Fest. Bands include All Leather, Magical Fuckers, Chaz, Caravels, Life Deposits, Beatless and Cousins.
Plus, there'll be some stand up comedy by Gordon Downs and Justin Decker.

Matt Fest starts at 2pm.

Set times:

Cousins 3:20-4pm
The Beat-Less 4-4:40pm
Nothingful 4:40-5:30pm
comedians Joe King, Justin Decker, Mario Mann and Gordon Downs 5:30-7pm
All Leather 7-7:50pm
Da Bears 7:50-8:30pm
Life Deposits 8:30-9:20pm
Chaz 9:20-10pm
Caravels 10-11pm
Magical Fuckers 11-12am

Matt Fest is all ages and will be taking place at a great space in North Park. Email BicControl[at]gmail[dot]com for specific location. Cost: $5, but larger bills will certainly be accepted and greatly appreciated.

Related entry: SD Cyclist Matt Kelly Struck by Semi Truck, in Critical Condition

Monday, January 25, 2010

CTCDC Says "No": No Bicyclists Allowed on Committee, No Bike Boxes, No Removal of Bike-Sensitive Signals

Last Thursday, January 21, the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC) met at the Caltrans office in Old Town to make decisions that would effect the well-being of road users throughout California. For bicycle advocates, there were four main issues at hand; (1) Bicyclist representation on CTCDC; (2) A proposal to remove bike signal detection and signal timing at intersections; (3) Bike Box experiment proposal for San Luis Obispo; (4) New guidelines for bicyclists through construction zones.

CTCDC said "No" to each of the above issues, with the exception of Issue 4, which pertained to the acceptance of new guidelines that would allow bicyclists to more safely ride on roads through construction zones. According to Kathy Keehan, Executive Director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC), this proposal passed easily. Several bicyclists have died in construction zones in the last couple years, according to San Diego-resident Jim Baross, a representative for SDCBC, California Association of Bicycle Organizations (CABO), and California Bicycle Advisory Committee (CBAC).

Issue 1--request for bicyclist representation on CTCDC--was a defeat. CTCDC voted against the idea to include representatives of bicycling organizations on the committee. As of today, CTCDC is composed of eight members; two from the Auto Club (AAA), one from California Highway Patrol, one from Caltrans, and two representing cities and two representing counties. While CTCDC's "No Cyclists Allowed" vote was frustrating, this particular issue is not dead. Mr. Baross plans to go to Senator Christine Kehoe and ask her to introduce legislation that will require CTCDC to allow a bicycling organization representative on the committee. Mr. Baross, as he told me himself, is concerned that this legislation will inspire other groups--such as accessible society reps, pro-pedestrian reps, electric vehicle reps, alternative-transportation reps, truckers, etc.--to join CTCDC, as well. I think that will actually be a good thing! The more representatives we have who are knowledgeable on facilitating sustainable transportation and livable streets, the better.

Only one of CTCDC's "No"s--which was in response to Issue 2--will benefit bicyclists. In this era of global warming, where rhetoric about global warming-solutions is at an all time high, one would think that transportation-experts in California, would be working diligently to accommodate zero-emissions commuters such as cyclists. That's not the case. And even worse, there are some decision-makers--such as the CTCDC committee member supporting Issue 2--who are working to achieve the exact opposite. Those decision-makers want life for bicyclists to be significantly worse, so that life for motorists can be slightly better.

In November 2009, CTCDC adopted guidelines that require signal detectors in California intersections to trip for cyclists, and when tripped, to ensure that the light would stay "green" long enough for a cyclist to ride through the intersection. Signal detectors that did not recognize cyclists as legitimate road users were unfair and lights that would go "red" too soon put cyclists' lives at risk. Sensibly, CTCDC realized that they needed to solve this problem and so, a few months ago, they did just that. Last Thursday, however, an a CTCDC committee-member who represented cities, proposed that California do away with the new standards set in November and go back to the "old auto-centric way of doing things." Fortunately, that proposal was defeated. As Mr. Baross put it, this issue was pitting bicyclists' safety and ability to travel against motorists' level of service/convenience/delay.

Issue 3--request to experiment with a Bike Box in San Luis Obispo--was a defeat for cyclists. San Luis Obispo wants to follow the footsteps of bike-friendly cities such as Portland and Seattle, who already have Bike Boxes throughout their cities. New York City, one of the fastest growing cities for bicycling, has also installed a number of Bike Boxes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Unfortunately, a relatively small group of cyclists in California have been standing in front and blocking the development of Bike Boxes. Mr. Baross, who represented CBAC and CABO but not SDCBC on this particular issue, presented a case against Bike Boxes. Instead, he proposed a Sharrow and a Bike May Use Full Lane sign in place of the Bike Box. While Sharrows and BMUFL signs are desirable forms of infrastructure, generally speaking, they do not, however, achieve the same thing that a Bike Box achieves. A Bike Box allows for cyclists to get priority when stopped at an intersection and allows cyclists to easily position themselves in the lane they want. Bike Boxes wouldn't be placed at every intersection--just those that would benefit from one. Bikes Boxes, with a little education on how to use them, would well serve many intersections in San Diego.

Overall, the results of last Thursday's CTCDC meeting are mixed. What I look forward to next, is legislation from Senator Kehoe that will place cyclists and livable streets experts on CTCDC. If California is serious about satisfying the requirements of the Global Warming Solutions Act, it must allow cyclists, livable streets experts, and other sustainable transportation experts in on the the decision-making process and not relegated to the sidelines.

Previous CTCDC-related entry: Tomorrow Morning: Huge Turning Point for California Traffic Control.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonite!: Saturday Night Special Ride

Finally, the weather has cleared up a bit--Just in time for the SNS ride tonite. The ride meets at 8th & J street at 8pm. Sponsored by SD Fixed, City Grounds, and more.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Update: Today's Benefit Show for Matt Kelly Postponed due to rain

The Matt Kelly benefit show which was planned to take place today has been postponed due to rain. Matt's friend and bandmate, Aaron Thornill, who has taken the lead on organizing the event, sent out a message about hour ago saying the following: "Heeeeey, this weather is terrible for an outdoor show! We're gonna reschedule it for a later date tba when the elements will be a smidge more forgiving.
Thanks and hope to see you all soon!

Please spread the word to people who you think we're planning to go.


Tonite!: Matt Kelly Benefit Show in Barrio Logan w/ Rat's Eyes & more!

1/22/10, 4:50pm UPDATE: The benefit show tonite has been postponed due to intense rains that have been hitting San Diego this past week.

Come out and support this benefit show for Matt Kelly who was severely-injured after a semi-truck driver side-swiped Matt and pinned him underneath the truck, on December 21, 2009.

The donations will help Matt with his hospital bills and long-term physical therapy fees.

Bands include Rat's Eyes (Former member of The Locust), Age of Collapse, Death Crisis, and Fknel. The show begins at 7pm at The Yard in Barrio Logan. Per the request of the organizers, email BicControl[at] for the specific location.

Tonite: The Mustaches of San Diego County Alley Cat Race

The Mustaches of San Diego County 5th-annual alley cat race is taking place tonite. Up for grabs will be cash, prizes, and 'the coveted yellow mustache jersey.'

Meet @ 7:30pm at Old Trolley Barn Park on the west end of Adams Ave. in University Heights. Race begins @ 8pm.

I haven't seen an e-flier around but there is a suitably fancy one printed on cardstock paper that's been circulating the neighborhood. Pista Palace and Adams Ave. for sure have fliers and Velo Cult probably does, too.

Sounds like fun. Hopefully, the race will end at the Matt Kelly Benefit show.

P.s. Holy smokes, 5th-annual. For center-city SD standards, that's a long time. Congrats, dudes.

Be on Lookout: Toyota Recalls 2.3 Million Cars for Sticking Gas Pedal

Toyota announced a recall Thursday of 2.3 million cars in regards to gas/accelerator pedals that stick down even after the driver releases his/her foot.

The following models being recalled are as follows:

• 2009-2010 RAV4,
• 2009-2010 Corolla,
• 2009-2010 Matrix,
• 2005-2010 Avalon,
• 2007-2010 Camry,
• 2010 Highlander,
• 2007-2010 Tundra,
• 2008-2010 Sequoia

In a USA Today interview about Toyota's latest recall, Dan Edmunds, engineer/director of vehicle testing at car shopping service, said "There'll be no (engine control computer) error code for this. The computer doesn't know the driver's intention. If you release the pedal and it stays down, the computer thinks you still have the pedal pushed down."

If you already feel uncomfortable with motorists tail-gating you while you're riding, this news won't help ease your concerns. Similarly, if you feel uncomfortable about computers and believe they're out to destroy humanity, this won't help ease your concerns either.

"Damn evil computer! Why can't you read my mind?! I didn't mean to drive straight into that cyclist!"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mayor Sanders Wants Balboa Park Plaza to be Car-free

Mayor Jerry Sanders announced last week that he wants to restrict automobile access from the center of historic Balboa Park. Sanders said the park should be reclaimed for 'ourselves and posterity' in time for the park's 2015 centennial.

(A postcard depicts Balboa Park's Plaza de Panama, originally designed for pedestrian-use in 1915; David Marshall collection via SD Union-Tribune).

The central plaza, which was designed and built for pedestrians in 1915 in lieu of the Panama-California Exposition ceremony, has since become a 'ceremonial parking lot for cars,' the mayor said in his State of the City address.

Balboa Park boosters and museum representatives are thrilled. Rob Sidener, Director of the Balboa Park-based Mingei International Museum, supported Mayor Sanders '
“Because the plaza is for people and not for cars.”

Mayor Sanders did not specify whether the re-modeled plaza would completely restrict cars from entering the area or whether it would simply remove the existing parking lot.

Either way, we applaud the mayor for his pedestrian-friendly vision of our city's historic center.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tomorrow Morning: A Huge Turning Point for California Traffic Control

Tomorrow morning will be a turning point for bicycle politics in California.

If the recommendations made by Jim Baross (League of American Bicyclists, California Bicycle Coalition, California Association of Bicycling Organizations, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition) are upheld and implemented by the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC), then CTCDC will allow for a bicyclist to sit on the Committee, as well. Currently, there is no representative from any sort of bicycle organization on this committee. As of today, there are 8 members; 2 from the Auto Club (AAA), 1 from California Highway Patrol, 1 from Caltrans, and 2 each representing cities and counties.

According to a conversation Jim and I had recently, if CTCDC does not uphold and implement his official reccomendation, which is made on behalf of the national, statewide, and local bicycling organizations he represents, then he will go to Senator Christine Kehoe and request legislation that will force CTCDC to fairly represent cyclists.

At this point, cyclists are only allowed to have a say during the 'public comment' portion of the meeting. A cyclist representing a cycling organization is not allowed to be apart of the internal decision-making process. Seems rather unfair doesn't it?

Mr. Baross has got some great ideas, too. In his words, here's three other requests he'll be making:

'I am asking for your help. Attend this event. Numbers count. Then when/if we are successful, I'll be celebrating at the beginning of the CM Jan 29th with a huge (fake) cake.

Having bicyclists and supporters of bicycling at this important meeting will help get four improvements – long overdue –approved for us. Please plan to come. Tell your friends. The room seats 100.

Jan. 21st beginning at 9 AM at the Old Town offices of Caltrans, near the Old Town Trolley station.
4050 Taylor Street, 92110 in the large Garcia meeting room
Bike parking is only allowed outside on a limited number of racks; bring a lock.
Join me for a lunch break bike ride through Old Town or on the new bike path; for anyone who wants to join in.

There are four bicycling issues to be heard at this special San Diego meeting of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC). This committee is the officially accepted body to provide direction/recommendations to Caltrans about all roadway signs, signals, pavement markings, etc. Yes, there will be a bunch of “suits” but come as you are; looking like bicyclists who support our issues would be good. Otherwise it’s just me there.

Item 10-1, Traffic signals and timing for bicycists – Have you ever had trouble getting a traffic signal to change for you or been caught when a traffic light that changed from green to yellow to red before you could make it across the intersection?

The State passed a requirement two years ago (AB 1581) to require that on-demand/traffic-actuated traffic signals work for bicyclists (and motorcyclists) and that the signal phasing/timing should allow for our safe passage. The requirement applies to all new or major-modified signals BUT ONLY after specifications and guidance was developed by Caltrans. After two years of work, study and discussions Caltrans has adopted the required specifications BUT a lot of Traffic Engineers are objecting - allowing time for bicyclists will make motorists wait longer; oh no. Show up to make it clear to them that the safety of bicyclists is more important than the convenience of motorists! Just being there as a bicyclist will help. You could speak up too, especially if you have or know someone affected by non-reacting traffic signals – there have been several crashes, traffic tickets and fatalities in SD County related to signals that didn’t work for bicyclists. Help protect the requirement to have them work for us. [Bold emphasis added]. We have no problem with some tweaking and further study, but the requirements for these things to work for us should stay in effect!

Item 10-2 Accommodating bicyclists in roadway construction zones – approval of this would add drawings and specifications where no adequate directions have existed before in official Caltrans documents for more safely accommodating bicyclists through construction zones.

Item 10-4 request to experiment with a Bicycle Box at a signalized intersection in San Luis Obispo. The question is whether a special area just for bicyclists at the front of the lane at an intersection should be allowed to be tested. Whether it’s a good idea or not, we think it should be tested, right?'

Lately, 'traffic engineers,' who we at Bic Control call 'automobile traffic engineers,' have been arguing that modifying the existing urban/traffic system to accommodate cyclists while slowing down automobile travel speeds supposedly increases pollution by increasing idling time. This is a somewhat new approach automobile traffic engineers have taken in trying to justify their car-first, cyclists/pedestrians-last planning philosophies. This is an extremely pessimistic approach to sustainable transportation. Should we remove stop signs from our neighborhoods and force cyclists to move over for a motorist every time one approaches from behind--thereby creating a dangerous and deadly urban environment--so that we can reduce motorists' idling time? The reason that 46% of San Diego's Greenhouse Gases are emitted from automobiles is not because idling times are too long. The reason is because there are too many people in San Diego commuting in single occupancy motor vehicles! We need to improve conditions so that more people in San Diego take alternative transportation. We need to improve our transportation system, our urban design, our outreach, education, and infrastructure so that people can safely and efficiently take transit, walk, or bike.

Reducing motorists' idling times by denying cyclists a safe opportunity to cross through an intersection is in no way justified--it's deadly. And to insinuate that doing so (i.e. upholding some automobile traffic engineers car-first, pedestrians/cyclists-last philosophy) is more sustainable than accommodating cyclists is laughable.

Reducing idling time--as long as it's not at the expense of zero-emissions cyclists' safety--is fine. However, reducing idling time is not enough to meet the goals of the California Global Warming Solutions Act. Theoretically, at first, emissions might be slightly reduced if urban/traffic environments are altered to reduce idling and to "keep car traffic coming through." However, in the long run (i.e. after a year or more) emissions will actually increase if we turn our neighborhood streets into miniature-freeways. The easier you make it for people to drive, the more they will do it. This idea is comparable to the argument that adding more freeway lanes actually reduces traffic. That is not true. Studied urban planners know that the opposite happens. When you add more freeway lanes, you actually increase automobile capacity--more cars on the road.

It's called automobile facilitation and it's a gap solution in the fight against global warming. We need less automobile facilitation. And we need more bicycle, high-speed transit, and local transit facilitation.

We need long-term solutions, not gap solutions!

Go Jim!

Found: Clouds

Some rain clouds are missing. They were looking for Seattle but instead they somehow ended up here in San Diego. It's been rainy and windy as hell here the last few days. In fact, the County went so far as to declare an official "Tornado Warning."

Just got back from a super windy and wet ride. I guess you could call it a baby-sized tornado. If it was as fun as the following photo makes it seem, then I'd be out there still; instead of inside, blogging about riding:

Matt Lingo snapped this photo of Isaac a couple weeks ago and I've been meaning to put it up. Now's a good time.

P.S. While we're on the subject of rain, Bike Polo will most likely be rained out tonite. In the meantime, if you don't feel like riding in the rain and you can't get polo off your mind, I recommend watching some of these awesome video edits of the Milwaukee Bike Polo team, 2009 Midwest Champions. MKE Bike Polo is really pushin' the game. Great lookin' blog, too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

SD Bike Polo!: Every Wednesday Nite!

Dear San Diego,

Bike Polo is here!

Compared to other big bike cities such as Seattle, Milwaukee, and Vancouver, SD has been a bit behind the curve when it comes to Bike Polo. But now we're finally catching up! Last nite was proof! Over 25 cyclists came out to Adams Ave. & 35h street park to support and/or play. The games were super fun and highly spirited.

Every Wednesday nite you have a chance to be apart of it. Meet at 7pm at Adams & 35th. If you don't have a mallet, you should come out anyways--you can probably borrow one.

Thanks to our friend Chris, you can now get all San Diego Bike Polo related news from the new polo-exclusive blog, SD Bike Polo.

See you next Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Matt Kelly Fest & Upcoming Benefit Events

(Photo from Friends of Matt Kelly via Facebook).

Matt Kelly, whose pelvic bone was crushed by a motorist driving a semi-truck last month, is recovering well, according to his sister Erin Kelly's blog. On Saturday, Matt was strong enough to sit in a wheelchair.

A number of upcoming benefit events, including Matt Kelly Fest, are planned to help raise money for Matt's hospital bills, rehab, and resources which can help him walk again:

-This Saturday, January 16, Matt's long-time employer, Woodstock Pizza, will be hosting a benefit. All day long, from 11am to 1am, 50% of all Woodstock sales will be donated to help pay for a portion of the resources required Matt's recovery. If you want to directly donate, Matt's family will also be there. Woodstock Pizza is located at 6145 El Cajon Blvd.

-The following weekend, on Friday Jan. 22, a benefit show featuring local bands will take place at The Yard in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. Bands include Death Crisis, Age of Collapse, Skenal and possibly one other local band waiting to be confirmed. Show starts at 8pm and suggested donation is 5$. If you want more info, including the cross streets, email BicControl[at]gmail[dot]com, per the request of the organizers.

-Matt Kelly Fest is to take place Friday, January 29 in North Park! Bands include All Leather, Magical Fuckers, Caravels, Life Deposits, The Beatless and Cousins. Show costs $5, starts at 2pm, and will take place at The Piano Shop house, 4237 Kansas St.

Come support!

Bicyclist Hospitalized After Crash with SDPD Motorcyle Officer

A bicyclist and a SDPD Police Officer driving a motorcycle collided on University Avenue between Tenth Avenue and Vermont Street in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego at 2:40pm today.

According to San Diego News Network, the bicyclist was hospitalized for treatment of 'cuts, bruises, and scrapes.' The officer sustained injuries and complained of back pain. It is unclear whether or not the officer was hospitalized as well, according to SDPD spokesman.

No information on the circumstances of the crash have been made available to the public.

On November 9 2009, an experienced cyclist was killed after being struck from behind by an SDPD officer responding to a non-urgent call in the University City neighborhood.

Kill a Cyclist in San Diego, Get Probation

Re-posted from Thom @ Bike San Diego

One year ago, Arthur Newman drove his BMW into (and killed) Walter Joller, who was riding in a bike lane with lights and reflective vest on Sabre Springs Parkway. Newman was apparently not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, just inattentive to the blinking, reflective presence to his right. For this act of gross negligence, Newman today received just three years probation, 100 hours of volunteer work, 20 days of public service, and a fine of $700. That’s the cost of a law-abiding human life, apparently, in San Diego

San Diego News Network originally reported this incident here.

Bic Control analysis:

This incident is horrific and the legal ruling is a huge step backwards. The judge handling this case has normalized negligent and lethal driving. This ruling reaffirms the popular misconception that cyclists are nothing more than “guests” on “motorists’ roads.” Furthermore, this ruling makes evident that in America, we as cyclists need a firm, well-educated, pro-active legal team out defending cyclists in the court of law to make sure that we are not treated as second-class citizens and sub-humans in this auto-centric establishment.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Road Rage' Dr. Christopher Thompson Gets 5 Years, Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon

(Photo by Los Angeles Times).

Yesterday, 'Road Rage' Dr. Christopher Thomspon was sentenced to five years in jail for intentionally causing a crash which hospitalized two cyclists on July 4, 2008 in Mandeville Canyon, Los Angeles County, CA. Thompson received a two year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon and a three year enhancement for causing great bodily injury, reports Streetsblog.

On a Fourth of July ride in the 2008 a group of bicyclists were riding in the normal traffic lane, as they're legally allowed to do, when the irate Thompson approached them from behind and began honking at the group, selfishly expecting the group of cycling road users to submit to the hegemonic power of his automobile. Reportedly, in response to Thompson's ignorant behavior 'words were exchanged,' and justifiably so. Thompson then passed the group of cyclists, pulled in front of them, and then slammed on his brakes to purposely cause a deadly collision which sent two cyclists at the front of the group crashing into Thompson's luxury sedan (pictured below).

The cyclists who were vehicularly assaulted were Ron Peterson, an experienced cyclist, racer, and a Traffic Skills instructor, and Christian Stoehr whose also an experienced cyclist and racer. The vehicular assault sent Mr. Peterson face-first into the rear window. As a result, Mr. Peterson's nose was tore off and had to be reattached--graphically depicted below.

(The two photos above are re-published courtesy of Streetsblog).

As the cyclists laid in the street with blood profusely pouring from Mr. Peterson's face , the audio tapes of a 911 call reveal that Thompson yelled at the cyclists and told them to take their bikes out of the street. Furthermore, Thompson lied to the 911 dispatcher by telling the dispatcher that the cyclists were fine even though he, as a trained emergency room doctor, could evidently see otherwise.

Both cyclists are now recovering fairly well.

Interestingly, Thompson's Mandeville Canyon neighbors rose to his defense and claimed that cyclists on the road were the real problem. The implication of his neighbors' statements is that public roads are supposed to be for motorists only, and not for cyclists. The fact that some neighbors came to defend Thompson's attempt to murder cyclists practicing their legal rights to the road, indicates that extreme auto-centric, motorists-first, cyclists-last group-think school-of-thought has had a socially contagious effect on a number of Mandeville Canyon residents.

Thompson has a history of attempts to vehicularly assault/murder cyclists. Three months prior to the July 4 incident, on the very same Mandeville Canyon road, Thompson pulled in front of a solo rider and slammed on his brakes. That cyclist avoided Thompson by bunny-hopping onto the curb. Fortunately, the cyclist filed a police report in response to the incident.

On July 4, Thompson struck again. Thompson originally pleaded not guilty to the July 4-related charges filed against him.

It's a breakthrough that this tragic incident is getting wide media coverage.

We hope that the message is clear: If you assault or act violently towards cyclists while using your car as a weapon, then you will be sentenced to jail.

Finally, some justice has been served.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tonite! Matt Kelly Benefit Show at The Ruby Room

If you get this in time, go to The Matt Kelly Benefit Show at The Ruby Room right now! Bands include:

The Beatless
and more, we're told.

The show is free. Please bring donations.

The Ruby Room (21+) is located on University Ave. & Richmond St. in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.

We just learned about this minutes ago, ourselves. So, if you can't make it tonite, there will be more opportunities for you to make in-person donations at Matt Kelly benefit shows in the near future. Matt plays in local power-pop punk rock band CHAZ, and, as such, has many pro-active friends in the San Diego music scene.

On December 21, Matt was struck by a semi-truck and pinned underneath as the motorist dragged him along. Matt's pelvic bone was crushed and he experienced severe internal bleeding. For more information on this tragic incident and for more info on how you can help Matt out, please read the previous related entry here.