Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SD Cyclist Struck by Semi Truck, In Critical Condition

San Diego cyclist, Matt Kelly, was struck by a semi truck in City Heights, pinned underneath the truck, and dragged 20 feet, last Friday.

Matt is suffering from a shattered pelvic and femur bone, severe internal bleeding and has undergone four surgeries so far. Doctors will begin surgery to reconstruct his bones, according to his friends who created FriendsOfMattKelly.com. The website includes information for submitting kind donations.

Matt was riding eastbound on Orange Ave. when a motorist driving the semi apparently did not see Matt and turned into him, cutting him off, and pulling Matt underneath the truck. The driver of the semi was questioned and the truck was impounded as evidence.

Photos of Matt Kelly hosted by FriendsOfMattKelly.com

Matt plays in local power-pop rock band CHAZ. Last nite, Crystal Antlers headlined a benefit show in North Park for Matt. This travesty is particularly hard-hitting in that Matt and I, though we never had the chance to officially meet, had many good mutual friends--thus making the pain felt throughout the community even more evident.

Our thoughts are with Matt, his family, and his friends.

12/23 Update: Matt's sister recently started a blog detailing Matt's struggle in the hospital. The blog is available here. According to the latest entry, Matt had a relatively good night last in the hospital. So far, he's undergone four different surgeries to stop the internal bleeding and will be undergoing another to have his pelvis repaired with pins. The good news is that he is conscious and recently made eye contact with his sister.


  1. While it is true that Matt is doing extremely well considering the severity of his injuries, in many ways his struggle has not even begun. Please visit www.friendsofmattkelly.com to donate whatever you can to help this incredible young man and his family, and join the Facebook page of the same name and follow his sister's blog to follow his recovery. Thank you for writing this post, and thank you to everyone for taking the time to read it.

  2. Agree with the above post. Matt is a strong and courageous dude (I am his roommate and best friend) and though he's made it through the most life-threatening aspects of his injuries, he has much more healing to do, both physically and psychologically. He will need all the help we can muster, and will not be able to work for many months at least. Please do what you can to help and visit www.friendsofmattkelly.com. He needs us right now, and if the situation were reversed, know that he would do everything he could to help you (no matter who you are). He's that excellent of a guy.