Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Saturday!: SD's First Annual Tweed Ride

By Carly Studer

Just when San Diegans thought that they would never have a chance to wear that tweed jacket or scarf they bought on impulse, a community event is coming to San Diego to prove them wrong. TWEED RIDE is a bicycling community event where San Diego cyclists forego lycra and don their most dapper antiquarian apparel for San Diego’s first annual event. Similar events have taken place in cities like London, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Boston. Rain or shine, participants will help demonstrate that cycling is appropriate for everyday life and leisure. Starting around teatime, the leisurely ride ends at The Station Tavern at 2204 Fern St. where you can wet your whistle and grab a bite to eat.

While there may be a misconception that bicycling is for children or racers, San Diego has a growing amount of residents that have the bike bug. SANDAG estimates that there are currently over a half million bicycle trips everyday in the San Diego region. Bicycling is good for your health, for the environment, doesn’t create noise or fumes, obstruct space – and makes you happy. The TWEED RIDE is one way to show the utility and joy of riding.

The TWEED RIDE is for fun, but it is also meant to show that cycling is appropriate and sustainable for everyday errands, commuting, and leisure – and it can even be done in nice clothes. San Diego has one of the best climates for cultivating a sustainable infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. The TWEED RIDE is one of many fun events that encourages cycling for as a less-polluting, healthy, and fun alternative to motorized travel. We live in a era where individuals are stopping and looking at the input the contribute to the environment, and also care about the world they are leaving for the future. TWEED RIDE embodies the spirit and characters of the cyclists in San Diego and the billions of utility riders around the world. An event like this shows their good-hearted nature, but also is reminding the rest of the community of the impact they could be making.

For more information, visit, or contact Esteban del Rio at edelrio[at] or Sky Boyer at veloculture[at]


  1. You gonna tweed up for this Randy? I'll be there!

  2. Unfortunately, can't make it. Already had something else planned. Totally bummed. It sounds like it'll be super fun, though.