Sunday, December 13, 2009

SD Bike Coalition: Focus of 2010 will be "Urban Core" of San Diego

The results of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition's annual, 4-hour-long retreat, which took place yesterday, are as follows: In 2010, the Bike Coalition's focus will be on the 'urban core' of San Diego. Concerted efforts will be made to improve road maintenance, facilities, outreach, education, political support, membership, and fun group rides/events starting from the Park Blvd. & University Ave. intersection and moving outwards.

The 30 retreat participants included SDCBC's Executive Director Kathy Keehan, Education Coordinator Orville Fitz-Henley, the Board of Directors, and invited core members, instructors and local bicycle advocates, ranging from Bic Control (yay!) to Bike San Diego contributors.

It was an incredible experience to be (1) invited to the retreat and (2) to be able to be apart of shaping Bike Coalition goals for 2010. The retreat was extremely uplifting. Many great ideas were discussed.

To get involved w/ the Coalition please visit the website here. The Bike Coalition is a non-profit organization, whose main funding source is membership.

We're all very excited for 2010; a year which will surely be a great year for bicycling in San Diego. You can help make it a historic year.

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