Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tomorrow at 5pm!: The Cretins Present First-Annual PUNKOLYMPICS

This is gonna go off!

(Flier by Muerte).

(Flier by Acamonchi).

Tonite at 6pm: Manivela Delivery Alley Cat Race

San Diego's own bicycle-drive food delivery service, Manivela, is organizing their second-ever alleycat race tonite:

If you get into a crash tonite Manivela will deliver you a band-aid, most likely for free. Food, however, costs $5 anywhere in the center/mid-city area. Support.

Ride safe tonite, homies.

Cyclist Struck From Behind By Motorist Suffers Severe Head Injuries

A cyclist riding on Clairemont Mesa Blvd on August 25 was struck from behind by a motorist. The motorist was going so fast that the cyclist "went over" the hood of the car after being struck from behind by the motorist. Severe head, pelvic, and facial injuries were/have been sustained by the cyclist.

Fortunately, the motorist did not flee the scene. According to the Advisory Message report released by the SDPD, 'The driver of the car did not see the bicyclist due to the sun in his eyes.'

Analysis w/ possible solutions for crash prevention:

Obviously, the driver should have used more discretion when driving under conditions that prevented him from having the ability see. But what does the law say?

According to the California Vehicle Code's Basic Speed Law,

CVC 22350. No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.

[Italicized emphasis has been added]

Sounds like the motorist violated the Basic Speed Law since the sun was in his eyes and failed to safely control his car and yield. It's nice to know that there was a law that's meant to protect us from such situations. However, this law did not protect this innocent cyclist. One innocent man may have the mental and physical quality of his life comprised forever, while the other is sitting fine.

So, what can be done? Prosecution of the above-mentioned motorist is certainly desirable.

How can these crashes be prevented in the future? One SD Bike Coalition email list contributor suggested that California create a Strict Liability Law that is similar to countries in Europe:

In summary, as far as I understand, a motorist involved in a crash w/ a vulnerable road user (such as a cyclist) is assumed to be guilty and must prove how he/she could NOT have prevented the crash from happening, under the Strict Liability law.

It's reasonable to assume that under the Strict Liability law, drivers would drive far more cautiously. Doing so would create a safer and more pleasant society for all road users; cyclists, other motorists, pedestrians, the disabled, the elderly, and children.

To get involved, contact your local political representatives and/or the California Bike Coalition to learn how you can help.

If you have any info in regards to the above-mentioned crash please contact the SDPD investigators who are working on this case. More info on the crash and contacts here.

Our thoughts go out to the cyclist and his family.

Edit to original entry: Meant to italicize 'visibility' rather than 'weather' when citing the Basic Speed Law. Thanks to the reader who pointed this out. My mistake. Now fixed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saddle up tomorrow nite at CM and keep it posi

The last official CM of the summer is goin' down tomorrow nite. Same place and time that's been for several years.

Please remember the following:

Keep it posi.

Communicate. See something you do or don't approve of? Then use your voice, positively, in a constructive manner.

Thank motorists for waiting. This goes a long ways.

Please stay off the bridge--it's unsafe.

And most importantly ride safe, look out for one another, and have fun.

This is a huge weekend for bikes, so check the following entries for more on what's goin' down.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Band Touring On Bikes Set to Ride/Play SD this Wednesday

Kentucky-based cellist, singer, songwriter Ben Sollee and his band have chosen SD to kick off their bike-powered tour of the U.S. This tour, known as the Ditch The Van Tour which has pulled sponsors like the League of American Bicyclists, is extremely impressive. The band will be riding--with equipment in tow!--from SD to SF to Colorado to D.C. and more in between.

The Ditch The Van Tour is about going car-free, minimizing your carbon footprint, discovering one's preferred pace of life, it's about the city and its infrastructure, and about connectivity not just across the country but about connectivity to towns and to the people who live in them.

Connect w/ the first leg of the tour this Wednesday, Aug. 18 when Sollee and band ride to Sushi Art (390 11th Ave) in Downtown SD to perform. Sollee and band are asking people to join them on the SD ride. This ride meets at Velo Cult at 5pm, departing at 6:30pm to head downtown for the show.

Come support this working-class bicyclist on the mic.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tomorrow: Tour De Five Cities, B.L.A.H. Benefit for Bike Coalition

Blind Lady Ale House (B.L.A.H.) and Adams Ave. Bike Shop are organizing a bike ride and benefit for the SD County Bicycle Coalition tomorrow, Sunday Aug. 14. The ride meets at Adams Ave. Bikes at 8:30am. The group will then head down to the ferry landing to catch the ferry into Coronado and ride down the Strand, around the bay, and back up to Blind Lady Ale House. B.L.A.H. is a bike-friendly restaurant/ale house who is sponsoring the Bicycle Film Festival and is a member of the SD Bike Commuter Discount Program.

15% of all purchases made at B.L.A.H. on Sunday, Aug. 14 will be donated to the Bike Coalition, who works to improve bicycling for all cyclists in the entire county. So come support a group who takes action to make life better!

Friday, August 6, 2010

This Weekend!: SD Bike Polo Invite & BBQ!

Super stoked for this!

I heard that players from Utah, Arizona, LA, and Claremont (the City) are coming down for this. Technically it's not a tournament--it's basically a friendly invite for comp. gaming and a polo fest w/ party elements.

Either way, it's gonna be awesome. Be there. Saddle up and mallet up.