Friday, August 6, 2010

This Weekend!: SD Bike Polo Invite & BBQ!

Super stoked for this!

I heard that players from Utah, Arizona, LA, and Claremont (the City) are coming down for this. Technically it's not a tournament--it's basically a friendly invite for comp. gaming and a polo fest w/ party elements.

Either way, it's gonna be awesome. Be there. Saddle up and mallet up.

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  1. Holy shit, this was a blast! Absolute riot fest. I'm sore as f*ck to prove it! Who knew that in polo your thumbs could get so sore? Hope it goes away quick cuz I want more. LA crushed it, btw. Great players, great people, fun times. Joker and Eli are insane. More trips to LA for polo weekends coming soon. Big ups to SD Polo and thanks to Thomas Bikes!