Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Emi Brown Rides Fixed from LA to Inland Empire: Video by Matt Lingo

Emi Brown: Los Angeles to Inland Empire from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Matt Lingo put together this rad lil' video of Emi Brown (MASH) riding from LA to Inland Empire, a 62 mile ride, in under 3 hours on his fixed. Emi has been in town since the All Ages Revival & London To Paris premier and he is absolutely stoked on San Diego! Ran into him in the neighborhood, had a drink together, and must say that he really is a great a guy. It's awesome to hear when people new to SD have great things to say about the SD bike community.

While we're on the subject, Grace LaDoja, the talented UK-based director of London To Paris, had nothing but posi things to say about her social experience with SD. Check her entry on the SD L2P premier and look out for future premier dates, all of which are posted on her blog.

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