Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Friday!: Matt Kelly Fest in North Park with All Leather, CHAZ, & More!

Come out tomorrow nite to Matt Kelly Fest and help Matt's friends raise some money to offset the high costs of his hospitalization, required after a semi-truck driver struck him while riding his bike to work!

A whole slew--yeah, I said slew--of rad bands will be playing Matt Fest. Bands include All Leather, Magical Fuckers, Chaz, Caravels, Life Deposits, Beatless and Cousins.
Plus, there'll be some stand up comedy by Gordon Downs and Justin Decker.

Matt Fest starts at 2pm.

Set times:

Cousins 3:20-4pm
The Beat-Less 4-4:40pm
Nothingful 4:40-5:30pm
comedians Joe King, Justin Decker, Mario Mann and Gordon Downs 5:30-7pm
All Leather 7-7:50pm
Da Bears 7:50-8:30pm
Life Deposits 8:30-9:20pm
Chaz 9:20-10pm
Caravels 10-11pm
Magical Fuckers 11-12am

Matt Fest is all ages and will be taking place at a great space in North Park. Email BicControl[at]gmail[dot]com for specific location. Cost: $5, but larger bills will certainly be accepted and greatly appreciated.

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