Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Matt Kelly Fest & Upcoming Benefit Events

(Photo from Friends of Matt Kelly via Facebook).

Matt Kelly, whose pelvic bone was crushed by a motorist driving a semi-truck last month, is recovering well, according to his sister Erin Kelly's blog. On Saturday, Matt was strong enough to sit in a wheelchair.

A number of upcoming benefit events, including Matt Kelly Fest, are planned to help raise money for Matt's hospital bills, rehab, and resources which can help him walk again:

-This Saturday, January 16, Matt's long-time employer, Woodstock Pizza, will be hosting a benefit. All day long, from 11am to 1am, 50% of all Woodstock sales will be donated to help pay for a portion of the resources required Matt's recovery. If you want to directly donate, Matt's family will also be there. Woodstock Pizza is located at 6145 El Cajon Blvd.

-The following weekend, on Friday Jan. 22, a benefit show featuring local bands will take place at The Yard in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego. Bands include Death Crisis, Age of Collapse, Skenal and possibly one other local band waiting to be confirmed. Show starts at 8pm and suggested donation is 5$. If you want more info, including the cross streets, email BicControl[at]gmail[dot]com, per the request of the organizers.

-Matt Kelly Fest is to take place Friday, January 29 in North Park! Bands include All Leather, Magical Fuckers, Caravels, Life Deposits, The Beatless and Cousins. Show costs $5, starts at 2pm, and will take place at The Piano Shop house, 4237 Kansas St.

Come support!


  1. Thank you for posting this. Anyone that wishes can visit for more information and some pictures of this great guy. Donations can be made through the website, or by visiting directly.

  2. Why has there been no mention anywhere of the liability findings or why the trucking company isn't paying for this?

  3. A lawsuit is likely in the works, but nothing has been determined as of yet. As far as the Woodstocks fundraiser, it's actually going on from 11am until 1am the following morning--that's all day. Very generous of Woodstocks, though Matt has been a devoted employee there for years and deserves nothing less.

    Thanks for posting this information! Any updates on the Barrio Logan show would be greatly appreciated, as I haven't heard about this.

  4. Ryley: No worries. Thanks for posting the links.

    Ted: That's a damn good question. Thanks for your concern. I've been in contact w/ the Bike Coalition ( in regards to the incident. We get the sense, and this has been confirmed by Matt's friend who sent me a message, that Matt does have a lawyer whose pursuing legal action in a rather private manner.

    We agree w/ you. As bike advocates, we want to make sure that Matt is not treated as a second-class citizen or a subhuman in the court of law or in dialogue w/ the truck driver's insurance company, for simply choosing to be a road user who uses a bicycle to get around.

    Matt's friend who sent us a message said that she's been told that Matt's lawyer is the best at what he does.

    We certainly hope Matt has the best representation available.

    Based on what we know so far, it sounds to me that the truck driver side-swiped Matt. The truck driver should have looked to his right in a more effective manner. Negligence is no excuse for causing great bodily injury. It sounds like the truck driver is at fault. Again, that statement is based on what we know so far.

    David: Thanks for posting the corrected info on the Woodstocks fundraiser. The time has now been corrected.

    The Barrio benefit show info has been updated, as well. It's taking place at The Yard on Friday, Jan 22.

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  6. Please ignore previous tyraid. Thanks for the info.

    'Stocks has the best damn buffalo chicken pizza in San Diego/The world. See you all there tomorrow.

    Get well soon Matt.