Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Weekend for SD Bike Life Starts Tonite!

This is going to be a big weekend for San Diego Bike Life and it all starts tonite!

-Friday: Matt Kelly Fest is going on right now and will continue into the evening.

-Friday: Critical Mass @ The Fountain @ 7pm. Word is that some conscientious riders will be doing some pro-active positive outreach tonite. Come out and support.

-Friday: Critical Pass @ The Fountain after 7pm. For those that are more into tricks and chillin' rather than riding w/ 1,000+ people, CP might be for you. This particular evening my boy Joe Kelley is stepping it up to create more of a comp feel at CP. Tonite there will be a comp for single trick, best trick line, a sprint race, and the 2nd Annual Robert R. Footdown. For those who don't know Robert, he is the most vicious footdown player in San Diego! Haha. F*cking love that guy.

-Saturday: Recover from Friday nite and prepare for Sunday--i.e. Watch some clips of Milwaukee Polo and create a list of what you'd like to see the Bike Coalition focus on in 2010 : )

-Sunday: Bike Polo at 2pm! Bike Polo is every Wednesday and now Sunday, too! Meet at 2pm at 35th & Adams Park. After Polo a group of us will be riding to the SD County Bike Coalition Urban Core Improvement Discussion.

-Sunday: Bike Coalition Urban Core Improvement Discussion. At the SD County 2009 4-hour long Board Retreat meeting it was determined that in 2010 the Urban Core/Center City/Mid City area of SD will be the focus for the year. On Sunday we will talk about specific ways to improve our city. Help shape our urban future! Be there at 5pm at Velo Cult Bike Shop in South Park. We may migrate over to The Station for the discussion.

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