Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tomorrow: Punk Rock Mountain Bike Ride at Mission Trails!

Part 2 of the Punk Rock Mountain Bike Rider was amazing and super refreshing! Felt so good to be shredding trails in the kut! Was really looking for something different, too. Just what I needed. If you missed it, you can join us tomorrow! PRMTB Part 3 will be heading to Mission Trails tomorrow! Meet at Rebecca's at 1pm and then we're gonna mini-road trip it to Mission. All PRMTB Rides meet same place, same time, every other Sunday. In the meantime, here are some photos from the latest ride (i.e. Part 2):

In "The Kut."

Japanther and Swampy collabo spotted! What's more punk than this?!

Jordan bombing rocky drops on his first mountain bike ride ever! Jordan easily had the best quotes of the day--"I never knew this trail was even here!" and "I wanna build up a mountain bike now!" Exploring the gaps in our neighborhood is exactly what this ride is about.

Though, tomorrow we'll be heading to an area that not too many people consider their "neighborhood." We're heading to Mission Trails (as mentioned above). Here's a lil' 20 second trailer filmed at Mission Trails that Aaraon put together. We'll probably encounter some stuff like this tomorrow:

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