Monday, February 1, 2010

New Levels for Fixed Gear Freestyle

(Tom Mosher (The Revival, Death Pedal) has got mic control and bike control. Photo by Prolly(The Revival)).

So, just in case you haven't heard, a massive fixed gear freestyle event called Midwest Mayhem recently went down in Milwaukee. All signs indicate that the event was a huge success and helped elevate fixed freestyle to a new plateau.

(Check out Prolly's in-depth re-cap of the event in which he touches on the sheer importance of this weekend in terms of its contribution to advancing fixed freestyle as a sport and as a community).

(Wonka (Death Pedal 2, The Revival) wall ride. Photo by Andrew Temkin).

There is no question that fixed gear freestyle is still blowing up. Happenings from the last week alone, from Midwest Mayhem to Death Pedal 2 trailer and even to SD's Critical Pass trick sesh, have indicated the growth of talent is accelerating at an unprecedented rate.

All this talk is getting me excited for Cult Classic 2, a fixed gear event taking place in SD in a week and a half. Cult Classic was the best bike event of 2009 and the second installment is bound to be a blast. Flier up soon.

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