Friday, February 19, 2010

Phoenix or Bust: SD Polo to Compete in PHX Tournament this Weekend

Phoenix or bust? Or bust Phoenix?

We hope it's the latter (i.e. the verb version).

The SD Bike Polo team is heading to Phoenix this weekend to compete in the Desert Polo Invite II, organized by the Phoenix Bike Polo, and we hope they bust some a friendly way.

This will be SD's first appearance in a bike polo tournament. Here are the teams representing San Diego:

Team 1

Team 2
Cam (the babysitter)

Team 3

Official team names are yet to be determined. Though, the general consensus amongst the players is that El Polo Loco is a good name, for at least one team. Marcus at Chula Fixed put together this lil' logo:

Meanwhile, as I was looking through my documents, I came across this picture of Ed Fletcher--a San Diego booster, entrepreneur, capitalist, property-owner, and automobile advocate--taken moments before a race from San Diego to Phoenix sometime during the 19teens:

(This image of Ed Fletcher was found while researching a report I wrote for an Urban Studies & Planning: History of San Diego course at University of California, San Diego. I chose to investigate the history of San Diego's transportation transformation, from electric streetcar to automobile, during 1880 - 1945. Fletcher, an elite member of San Diego society, was a huge power player during this era. He helped shape the urban face of San Diego and aspired to make San Diego an automobile city. To prove that SD was a better city than Los Angeles for highway connectivity to Phoenix, Fletcher organized an automobile race (represented above) to Phoenix. He beat the racer representing LA and brought national attention to San Diego's automobile advocacy efforts. Fletcher then became Chairman of the State and National Highway Committee. Interestingly, Fletcher's cousin, A.B. Fletcher, was appointed Chief Engineer of the State Highway Commission by California Governor Hiram W. Johnson. Today, Ed Fletcher is remembered by the East County road named after him--Fletcher Parkway. (Source: Memoirs of Ed Fletcher, 1952)).

SD Bike Polo, I never thought I'd say this, but make like Ed Fletcher! Win this tourney, locos!

P.S. Wish I could be there. Lookout for the SD Bike Polo tourney coming in a few months. Details to be announced.

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  1. Interestingly, the San Diego Union Tribune chose to do an article on the Ed Fletcher race to Phoenix two days after I did: Since the article, which used the exact same photo, wasn't in coordination w/ an anniversary of any kind, I believe someone at SD's major newspaper read this Bic Control entry. To that I say, Cool! Thanks for reading. Glad someone at SDUT is interested in what I blog about.