Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Philly Rapper Reps Urban Bicycling

Philadelphia-based rapper Jamil Kayin reps urban bicycling and has made his riding passion a centerpiece of his career.

Prolly Is Not Probably posted up an entry about Jamil Kayin last week, and I figured I'd share since Kayin is a bicyclist who uses the mic to proudly rap about riding. His song "Life Is Sweet" features clips of Kayin riding through the streets and dropping tracks (no pun intended) about his Track Pro Fixie w/ gold Deep Vs!

Whether you like the beat or not, Prolly brings up a good point; at least he's not rapping about Hummers and cars. The lyrical content of the song is great. It's pretty damn posi-core and I like how Kayin describes the bicycle as a vehicle for enjoying city life--'An urban cowboy in the street. I wanna show y'all that life is sweet.'

Keep it up, mang. Hopefully it'll get some new people on bikes.

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