Thursday, June 10, 2010

This blog needs a ride...

in this:

Straight to the mthrfckn graveyard.

...Just kidding. For further discussion on this matter, please read my previous entry Discussion Or Action. In summary, I'm keepin' it busy behind the scenes and working on the July 5th event at the Che Cafe which will be on-hit. In the meantime, I'm about to drop like 5 entries in the next hour; so, hang on.


  1. hey you need a hand with the bike stuff at the che? even though bikes del pueblo already does the market that morning im sure we'll be able to give a hand in whatever comes up

  2. Actually, yes, help from Bikes Del Pueblo would be greatly appreciated! There will be three sections: A Bike Maintenance 101 section, a Know Your Rights section, and a third section not yet 100% confirmed. Would Bikes Del Pueblo be interested in doing the maintenance section? The workshop starts at 6pm on Monday, July 5. After the workshop, Defiance Ohio will play! Srsly! It's gonna be rad!