Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Defiance, Ohio Bike Workshop--A Belated Photo Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bike Workshop at The Che Cafe! This is an incredibly belated "thank you" on the blog, but as I mentioned at the workshop and in person, we're all incredibly grateful that so many people came out to support!

Every aspect of the nite was on-point. The ride was fun, the veegun dinner was yummy, Death Pedal 2 (attended by Gus Molina and Andy Compton from Fast Pace Zine) was killer as per usual, the Bike Maintenance 101 by Bikes Del Pueblo was well done, the Make Your Own LED Light 101 by down-to-earth genius Cairie Riney was incredible and unique, the Know Your Rights 101 was delivered in between bands to 200 kids under one roof, and the bands were super sick and rowdy.

Overall, we found the evening to be empowering. It was everything we wanted it to be. Thanks to everyone who was apart of it!

Been delaying this follow-up entry for far too long, so I'm just gonna keep it simple:

Cairie Riney designed the LED light and lead the workshop.

Ryan from Defiance, Ohio doesn't fuck around. The band brought their own soldering iron. DIY or die.

Kon w/ the Swampdonkey piece in the back.

The materials for the 30 lights got called for quick. Huge 'Thank You!' to the SD County Bike Coalition for providing the funding for materials for 30 lights!

(Above photos by Nick Never Die).

The completed double LED light made out of a Tic Tac box.

This photo was taken in a completely dark room w/ no other lighting. As you can see, the double LED light is quite powerful. The guide (created by Cairie) that we used to assemble the lights will be posted on up on the blog when I fix my scanner.

Bikes Del Pueblo covering the basics at the Maintenance 101.

Ken from Bikes Del Pueblo.

(Above two photos by La Keev).

The Che was packed! By the time we rolled up at 6pm there were already 40-ish kids there. More and more kids kept showing up to fully pack The Che to its 200 person capacity!--making the evening the first sold out event at The Che in about eight months. Thanks to Scott at Animal Spirits for promoting this event so well.

The first band of the evening was Jehova's Fitness, one of my favorite bands in San Diego. As I've said on this blog before, and as I claim to this day, there isn't a single musician in SD who has more mic control than Jehova's Fitness' Danny Munoz.

After Jehova's Fitness was the Know Your Rights 101. It was really rad to have 200 kids present for this section.

Following that was Koalacaust who I had never seen before. They were super fun and are definitely worth making a point to see in the future.

Defiance, Ohio draws a crowd--and rightfully so. Few bands of today are as raw and as important and as down-to-earth as Defiance, Ohio.

(Above photo by Alex Kacha).

(Photo by Nick Never Die).

(The following photos are by Alex Kacha):

This workshop was one of the most amazing bike events I've ever been a part of. It was both unique and empowering. Once again, thanks to all who made it possible. If you weren't there, you missed out. That is all. Goodnight.



  1. Your posts are the best.. Can I ask you something. How can I find a electrical sheme for ,, LED light made out of a Tic Tac box,, I'm planing to made one of the lights for my bike, but I can't find the sheme. Please if you can help me. My email is

  2. Hey. Thanks for the kind words! Yes, as soon as I find the schematic sheet I will scan it and send it to you. Probably make a blog entry out of it, too.