Monday, July 19, 2010

New Bike Polo Chapter in SD County---Chula Vista

When I showed up to SD Bike Polo last Wednesday I was stoked to see that there was a whole new crew of poloists present. When I learned that they were all from Chula Vista--my hometown!--I was ecstatic.

For those unfamiliar w/ Chula, the city is technically it's own independent municipality that's located in south San Diego County, several miles from the most crossed international border in the world. The best thing about C.V. is the underground punk rock scene (i.e. The Zeros in the late '70s and an internationally respected hardcore punk scene that blew up in the '90s). The shittiest thing about C.V. is the terribly unfriendly bicycling environment. The city is an uninspiring, sprawled, post-WWII, suburban, auto-centric, tract home design. The side-view mirrors of "fuck-you-all" SUVs often fly by w/in a foot of your head all while the motorist--more than likely not a cyclist--yaps on the phone.

Somehow, somewhere (near a roller hockey rink in east Chula, to be exact) a bike polo community has risen up.

(CVBP visits SDBP).

CVBP plays on at-least a weekly basis at a hockey rink in the Eastlake neighborhood of east Chula Vista. If you live in South Bay hit 'em up on their Facebook page to find out when they're gonna play next. Great crew of kids w/ a unique playing style! And make sure to get their killer logo tattooed on your brain!:

Done and done.

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