Friday, September 3, 2010

Calling all working class bike jerks---L.A. is on the phone

According to one of my favorite Missing Persons songs, 'Nobody walks in L.A.'...I've realized that this is because they're all riding bikes...Okay, well some are. Actually, lots are!

L.A.'s bike community is booming. And this weekend people from bike communities in Phoenix, Bay Area, SAN DIEGO and more are visiting L.A. for a couple of reasons.

1. The POLO-Q Labor Day BBQ/friendly invite is goin' down Saturday and Sunday from 3-8pm each day. Ponder your memories of laborious toil and then raise your mallets in the air for polo unity and celebration!:

Act! 11455 Magnolia Blvd. I'll be there along w/ the core SD polo kids.

The other reason (#2) some SD heads are makin' the trip to LA is for the Bike Film Festival!

Which reminds me, the SD Bike Film Festival is goin' down next week/weekend, September 9-12! Don't miss it.

And while I'm in L.A. this weekend I'm gonna see what's up w/ the Fuck Yeah Festival. Hopefully I'll get to see San Diego's 90s hardcore band Unbroken and !!!, one of my favorite bands for live shows and for riding music.

Put simply, LA is goin' off.

Next weekend, however, it's all about SD.


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