Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tomorrow! PARK(ing) Day to be celebrated at vacant Peason Ford lot

International PARK(ing) Day is happening tomorrow, September 16, and livable streets advocates will be meeting at the giant vacant parking lot (Fairmount & El Cajon Blvd.) formerly occupied by a Ford dealership in City Heights from noon to 5pm. A few more organizations are spearheading PARK(ing) Day events throughout different parts of SD.

The El Cajon Blvd. Business Improvement Association and the International Rescue Committee are taking the lead on PARK(ing) Day in City Heights this year by transforming the vacant unused lot into a park for people accompanied by plants, sustainable furniture, and a BBQ party. Feel free to bring some grillables. If you don't have any to bring, some will be provided. The only requirement for free grub is that you must be a human being, and not a car.

PARK(ing) Day is about taking back public space for people, rather than the space being designated for the exclusive use of temporary automobile storage.

One reason why City Heights was chosen is because it's one of the most dense neighborhoods in San Diego, yet remains one of the most park deficient.

Last year was the first-known official PARK(ing) Day celebration in San Diego. In an optimistic sign for livable streets advocates in this extremely auto-centric city, the SD Union Tribune published a photo of SD (PARK)ing Day on their front page last year.

9/17 update:

SD PARK(ing) Day 2010 in action. People in Little Italy turn a space normally used by an unoccupied sitting automobile into a mini-park; all while feeding the meter.

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  1. Just heard that the band Writer is set to play a free show in a moment in light of PARK(ing) Day. Meet at India and Cedar in Little Italy.