Friday, March 4, 2011

Local Bike Advocate and Business Owner Assaulted by Motorist

Our friend Jay Porter, owner of renowned farm-to-table restaurants The Linkery and El Take It EZ, was assaulted by a motorist near Golden Hill. Jay's provoking act? He was riding a bike.

On his blog, Jay writes:

He was angry that I was riding my bike in the center of Broadway, slowly and legally, for a couple hundred feet as I prepared to make a left turn onto 25th. In reaction to which, he “buzzed” me with his truck, challenged me to a fight, sought me out after I bravely ran away, found me and attempted to run me down in Sherman Heights (which I evaded by riding onto the sidewalk between some trees), and then threatened to kill me while shoving me into an alcove, as I (and at least one other bystander) called 911. My 911 call, for what it’s worth, went to CHP voicemail. (I was later told this is how the calls are routed from places close to the freeway.)

Then the dude drove away….only to circle back a few minutes later and tell me I’d better watch my back.

This violent perpetrator and bigot belongs in jail. He's a timebomb.

The perp is described as a white male w/ a red beard in his 30s who was driving a white 1997 Nissan pick-up truck license plate # 5R23007. A search showed that the car is registered to someone who lives in the Azalea Park neighborhood of City Heights. Don't hesitate to call 911 if you encounter him and if you feel threatened. Report him so he'll end up like this:

Road Rage Dr. Thompson, who used violence against innocent cyclists, is in prison for five years.

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