Friday, March 18, 2011

Punk Rock MTB Photo Recap of Last 3 Rides: Next ride is tmrw

The Punk Rock Mountain Bike Rides have been something I look forward to. Here's why:

Santee trails field trip, Feb. 6:

Mike and his new ink...

...And his whip.

At the top of the first big climb--Aaron, Chris, Mike, and Sky Boyer (owner of Velo Cult and one of the biggest collections of vintage mountain bikes on the West Coast).

Car-free space. It's better this way. It's hard to appreciate open space unless you experience it directly. Squint vision--Note Sky at the top. Also note that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best days in America to do anything outside. Most of America was inside watching TV. We were here charting and leading our own adventure.

Santee trails were amazing. Thanks to anyone who has ever contributed to keeping this space open and free from suburban sprawl. Thanks to Sky for showing us what's up. Here's his Curtlo, one of the most modern bikes I've ever seen him on.

Since the rides are every other Sunday, we were supposed to ride on April 20. But it was raining insanely hard that day and so we pushed it back one week to April 27:

Jack murderin' it on this downhill jump he built.

First official fixed riders on the Punk Rock MTB Ride!--Issac and Tait. Isaac is insane. Peep his narrow tires. He was doing barspins on the trail and both him and Tait kept up fine.

Chula Vista field trip, March 6:

Someone built an amazing mini-network of trials stuff. This crew is pro. Check the detail.

Sarah (from Chula Vista) is fearless. As made evident--you don't need a $2,000+ bike to have fun riding on trails. Fuck that notion.

Mountainbikes are tough. Accidentally sucked this up. Stick got pulled, and whip was ready to ride.

Don't mind if I do! Our ride start/ended on this sidewalk where someone chalked this very important message.

Dance w/ us tomorrow! Like the original flier says, meets every other Sunday at Rebecca's Coffeeshop (30th & Juniper St.) beginning Jan. 9.

Next ride is March 20 (local trails), then April 3 (field trip), then April 17 (local trails), etc. Same place, same time.

Corrected update (April 2): Next ride is tomorrow, April 3! We're goin' to Anderson Truck Trail in Lakeside. This trail reclaims the word 'epic.' Meet at Rebecca's at 1pm.


  1. Aw man I thought the next one was tomorrow. Why the delay? I thought it was every other week?

  2. Hey Ryan, you're right! It is tomorrow (as in today). Good eye. I meant to write March 20 rather than March 30. Now edited. See you in one hour!

  3. that looks like so much fun!

  4. Great post: great ride: you're doing big things for SD cycling!

  5. Got room for one more for Anderson Truck Trails for the 4th? That's my favorite trail.

  6. Shoot man, the ride is today. My mistake. Sorry about that. If you can make it to Rebecca's (30th & Juniper) by 1pm today then we can fit you in.

  7. In the navy, stuck on the boat all day, enjoy yourselves though, I'll try and hit you guys up later when work permits. Ride Safe Ride Hard.

  8. Right on. Let's stay in touch. Since the ride is every other Sunday, the next ride is April 17 which is coincidentally the same day as the Velo Swap and when Earth Day is celebrated at Balboa Park. So the ride wont be that long. It'll be local. The next ride after April 17 is May 1. That day will be a field trip (location to be determined).

  9. Wheres the head of this trail start?! Im always lookin for new spots to ride and will definitely be joining future rides in my area.

  10. @StreetCat: Yeah we're always looking for more riders. Come out. Which trails are you referring to? The above photos are from 3 different rides: Mission Trails, North Park area, and Chula Vista.