Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bicyclist Killed--Driver Flees, Then Turns Himself In, Pleads Not Guilty

Characterized by extreme downs and moderate ups, the case involving the unjust killing of an innocent cyclist took another twist yesterday.

After fleeing the scene after allegedly killing cyclist Jim Swarzman in Encinitas, hit-and-run perpetrator Joseph Ricardo Fernandez (age 46) turned himself in the next day. Investigators arrested him after inspecting his truck which matched the description of a witness. However, the DA ordered that the perp be released and so no charges were filed.

This passed Monday the perp was re-arrested. Yesterday in court, he pleaded not guilty! Despite the not guilty plea, if found to be guilty, the perp will only serve up to four years in prison!

Whatever happens, Jim Swarzman will be dead forever and a negligent motorist is to blame. Even if convicted, the time served won't be nearly enough for the killing of an innocent, altruistic, human being. Justice--once again--denied.

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  1. The U-T has suspended coverage of this case. North County Times and Channel 8 News are the only local news sources providing updates. What is particularly infuriating is that the killer faces only a four year max prison sentence if convicted of hit and run causing death. A marijuana smuggler was just sentenced to 21 years. What does that say about our society's misplaced priorities?