Thursday, April 28, 2011

PRMTBRIDE photo essay of last 3 1/2 rides: Next ride this Sunday!

My brain has been crazy about knobbies lately! More riding, less blogging--That's me these days. However, I was able to muster some time tonite to share w/ you what we've been up to and to hopefully get you hyped for this Sunday!:

March 20, Local:

Alex is the most ninja person I know. This was his first mtb ride in years! Dude exploded on the trails!

March 27, few of us did a last minute scouting mission at Anderson Truck Trail to prepare for the following weeks ride at the very same location:

We rode in Mike's 1986 Lazy Daze RV which has become his latest living facility. On the way to Anderson one of the rear tires exploded. Luckily he had a dualie on it. Conveniently, this incident happened near an exit that had an RV store and a tow truck/repair shop right next to it. Dudes fixed the shit in an hour and we were on our way!

El Capitan Reservoir. Due to all the rain we had before, this is the highest the water's been in awhile.

Chaz (center) murked us on the climb on his FIXED 29'r rigid! So so gnarly. The following week Chaz raced this thing on a 50-75 mile mtb race. This is the new edge.

On April 10 we had the best PRMTBRIDE to date. We went back to Anderson w/ the full crew. It was incredible:

Alex N. boulder drop.

Kon w/ his gardening gloves and the best collection of shin scabs in SD.

Following photos taken by Isaac Gibbs:

'bout to bomb.

Nothin' like riding thru water on a hot day.

Isaac randomly ran into us moments before we were about to leave. He got the spontaneous urge to roll w/ us so Chris ran back to his house to let him borrow this extra Kona. Isaac was graceful and fearless all day. In the middle of it all, we snapped hundreds of photos; except in the case above, where his camera was turned on him.

Get tech or get fucked. Ryan snapped his rear derailleur. He dropped some links on the chain and...

it was good to go. Better than new!

Talking about From Dawn Til' Dusk.

We stuffed our faces w/ pizza afterwards and as Japanther once said 'everything was fun.'

On April 24, we rode local trails coincidentally on Earth Fair Day. Also good times, though no photos.

NEXT RIDE is this Sunday, May 1. Meet at the normal spot, 1pm at Rebecca's Coffeeshop (30th & Juniper). We'll be road tripping to Martha's Grove!

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  1. Dammit I wish I could make it to this Sunday's ride! Damn injuries.