Friday, May 27, 2011

May Critical Mass Tonite at 7pm: An Opportunity to Promote Cycling

SDCM is tonite! Meets at 7pm, The Fountain. Take advantage of the visibility by promoting bicycling and encouraging others to join. It's important to assert your right to the road. But avoid unnecessary non-self-defense-related overt aggression. If you think riding CM means you can act like a dick, start your own ride. If that's how you roll, we challenge you to try starting your own monthly ride.

Veteran San Diego Critical Mass riders have been promoting CM since there were 20-30 people 6 years ago and helped it grow year after year (from 35 people in late '05 to 1,200 in early '08) by keeping the ride posi-core, community-oriented, ensconced in punk rock solidarity principles, and riding consciously while providing constructive communication and fun, upbeat energy. Keep that alive. Don't let it die because a small minority of people want to exploit the Mass for their own selfish endeavors like riding on the freeway. If you like to ride on the freeway do it on your own ride. Or, if you're serious about opening up freeways for bicycling, send us an email ( biccontrol[at]gmail ) and we'll put you in touch w/ some California bike advocates who share your interest. Otherwise, please stay off the freeway, especially the Coronado Bridge. It will only bring unnecessary heat to the ride, that veteran riders worked hard to build-up. Why do the freeway advocates generally tend to be beginners new to the ride who have no local bike advocacy history of how it got the way it did?

Use CM to leverage change! Use it to promote cycling and attract new riders! Have fun, communicate, and keep that shit posi!

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