Saturday, May 14, 2011

Punk Rock MTB Ride Expands: Now Every Full Moon, too!

Since once every other Sunday isn't enough to contain the fun of the Punk Rock MTB Rides, the rides will now be expanding to take place every Full Moon, as well!

The first Full Moon PRMTB ride will be this Tuesday, May 17! The rides will meet at 7:30pm at Rebecca's Coffeeshop.

In order to support and not conflict w/ our friends the Awarewolfs, the PRMTB Full Moon rides will end at the start location of the Awarewolfs rides which meet every Full Moon evening at 10pm at various locations downtown. (See next entry for more).

PRMTB is a dirt ride. Awarewolfs do short road rides.

To reiterate, the PRMTB will be every Full Moon at 7:30pm and every other Sunday (next one tomorrow, May 15) at 1pm meeting at the same location.

1 comment:

  1. PRMTB ride canceled due to rain.
    Wolfs ride still on.