Monday, July 4, 2011

America Day

Happy America Day.

Super nice weather in SD today. Lots of bikes out. Even more U.S. flags. Wished half of the time weren't on Old Navy t-shirts.

America Day is a good time to think about the country and its history. I've been nerding out on the history of U.S. Presidents lately, irrespective of America Day today, and I recently came up on this brutal 1834 cartoon of Kentucky Senator Henry Clay sewing President Andrew Jackson's mouth:

Jackson was censured by the U.S. Senate for abuse of presidential power. He made certain enemies in his fight against the Bank Of The U.S., as depicted here:

As someone whose had a strong interest in Freedom of Speech and the limits thereof in this country and beyond, what I do know is this:

There are generally two ways for someone to get censored and censured like this: Ironically, either their mic control is really whack or their mic control is on-hit... To determine that depends entirely on who you ask...

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