Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RIP ATIP: Three Year Anniversary of Our Friend's Death

It's been three years since our friend Atip Ouypron was struck and killed by a motorist in the middle of the deadly University Avenue and Park Blvd intersection between the Hillcrest and North Park neighborhood. We still miss you. RIP.

More info for those who weren't fortunate enough to know Atip.


  1. death of friends or family isnt cool at all BUT its way rad that he had such a good turn out in honor of him after his death

  2. why isn't there a ghost bike posted on that intersection?
    I would've never known about this if I didn't find this blog.

  3. Dear dt8k, Thanks for the comment. The City of SD Street Divisions office removed the original memorial even after the North Park Planning Committee motioned unanimously to request that the City leave the memorial present until a permanent solution could be realized. Street Divisions ignored the request even though residents offered anecdotal comments that the memorial's presence had a positive, traffic calming effect on this dangerous intersection. Subsequent memorial ghost bikes were removed. Some of Atip's friends still intend to seek a permanent solution. Here is more info: http://saveatipsmemorial.blogspot.com/2008/11/atips-memorial-bike-has-been-removed.html

  4. ah, thanks. I missed the link earlier.
    passed through the intersection today: http://citymaus.tumblr.com/post/20795153208/sticktothesideline