Monday, August 31, 2009

Critical Mass Rides Over the Coronado Bridge

Approximately 800 Critical Mass cyclists rode over the Coronado Bridge on Friday nite, August 28.

According to CM participants, approximately two-thirds of the ride made it on the bridge. The other third of the riders were denied entrance by San Diego Police Officers.

There were no known injuries caused by riding over the bridge.

As cyclists turned around to attempt to ride the bridge back into San Diego, they were denied entrance by Coronado Police Officers.

According to participants, the majority of the remaining CM riders rode around a 20+ mile route around the San Diego Bay to return to the center city area of San Diego. In addition to Coronado, the route around the bay--known as the Bayshore Bikeway-- passes through the city lines of Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, and National City; cities/neighbhorhoods that San Diego Critical Mass has never visited before. Alternatively, a minority of riders rode the ferry from Coronado to San Diego.

The San Diego-Coronado Bridge, locally known as the 'Coronado Bridge,' is a public highway segment which discriminates against cyclists and pedestrians. There is no separated path for pedestrians or cyclists, like most great American bridges of equivalent size. The bridge, however, offers free unlimited travel for motorists. Cyclists who participated on last friday's CM reportedly rode in the right-most lane of the bridge. One rider described automobile traffic on the bridge as 'light.'

Note to readers: Bic Control will be writing an 'opinion' piece on this matter very shortly. Stay blogged.

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