Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday nite!: Cult Classic SD! Benefit for Atip's Memorial!

This is gona be a blast! And it's a great cause!

Hopefully, if all the paperwork for the Public Improvement Project planning goes well and if the City of SD approves, then we can get an Encroachment Removal Permit to have a permanent memorial installed at Park & Uni for our fallen friend Atip!

We already have the official written support of the North Park Planning Committee, the North Park Planning Subcommittee, the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and the SD bike community! I'm looking at the permit paperwork as I type. That's almost like typing blind-folded. Woah!

The custom bike-shaped bike rack we (the kids "core-ly" involved w/ this project) have agreed on will be approximately $550-750 (depending on the level of "customization"). The permit which allows us to install something in the public right of way, like a statue, a bench, or in our case a bike rack, costs approximately $600. (These approximated figures according to the Executive Director of the SD County Bike Coalition).

The total costs for everything will be made completely transparent, obviously.

Fore more detailed information on the processes related to Atip's Ghost Bike memorial visit the account.

Come out tonite! Have fun while helping us raise some money!

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