Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jehovas Fitness: "Welcome Back" Show & Tour Kickoff

Jehovas Fitness' highly-anticipated and first "welcome back" show at The Che Cafe last Thursday, August 6, was an important night for the San Diego DIY community.

Danny Munoz (Jehovas Fitness) who was travelling the earth, from Hawaii to Australia for the majority of 2009, returned to The Che Cafe, San Diego's historic all ages, co-op, punk rock venue to play his posi-core, upbeat, acoustic folk-punk songs to one of the largest crowds The Che has hosted all year.

(Danny and Sanipants jamming. Photos of the show taken by Daryl--

(Get mobilized)

No other musician in San Diego has as much mic control as Danny Munoz. His performances are featured here because he has a unique ability to strike a positive-chord w/ the San Diego community. Danny's art, lyrics, messages, volunteer-work and persona are valuable components which can improve and enhance one's community.

Doctor Bird, a three-piece band Danny is apart of, have played numerous pro-bike benefit shows at and for the San Diego Bike Kitchen (now Bikes Del Pueblo) and at Bike Proms.

Any event Danny plays at, whether it's w/ Doctor Bird or as Jehovas Fitness, tends to have a socially uplifting effect which increases peoples interest and passion in playing an active role as a conscientious member of society.

The Che "welcome back" show was also a tour kickoff tour for Jehovas Fitness. Keep your ears open for shows at the following cities:


As soon as Danny gets more info on venues, dates, and times, and relays that info me, I'll make the updates. (I'll try not to let take me a week (or more!) like many of my other "updates").

Jehovas Fitness would like to play some shows in the Midwest. If you can help out, send him an email. Contact info here:

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