Sunday, March 7, 2010

DP2 World Premiere a Smashing Horrorshow of Good Times

First off, I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates lately. While the updates have slowed, the behind-the-scenes activities have experienced the exact opposite. Lately, I've been helping out w/ Bike Prom IV: Prom of the Undead, Streets For People, acting as the liaison between the Ken Cinema and Leader for the DP 2 SD Premiere, and I recently got asked to be one of the core organizers for the Bicycle Film Festival in San Diego. As far as Bic Control-specific stuff, we're now, Acamonchi has been working on a logo, and I've been working on some shirt designs. I'm shooting to have the shirts (and definitely the logo) out by the DP2 Premiere. Speaking of which...

All sources indicate that the Death Pedal 2 World Premiere in Richmond, Virginia was an absolute smash. I wasn't able to make it out to Richmond, but based on what I've heard from Kareem and read on the information super-highway, the premiere was a horrorshow of awesomeness.


Proof part 2:

(The above photo was taken during the final clip of the film. Above photos by Skidhoto).

More photos here.

King of bike blogs, Prolly Is Not Probably, did up a nice spoiler-free mini-review of the DP2 Premiere mayhem available here.

Looked/sounded like a riot. Even more reason not to miss the SD premiere!

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