Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Matt Lingo Locks Up Cover Photo for Fixe Issue 3

Can't stop, won't stop. Matt Lingo is showing no signs of slowing down in this new decade. He recently locked up a zombie-style cover photo for the French-based fixed gear culture mag, Fixe. The latest Fixe cover photo makes two for Matt. In December 2009, he shot the cover for Fixe Issue 1.

Coincidentally, while reading that Matt got up once again w/ the French-based Fixe, I was listening to 'O toi, Beatnik' a compilation of French garage rock gems from 1965-67.

While we're on the subject of coincidences and zombie photos, Bike Prom IV will be a zombie-themed rager this year.

Zombies are taking over SD...and I kind of like it. Hopefully, they go after drunk and cell-phone-yapping drivers first.

Now, back on the main subject here: Pick up a copy of Fixe Issue 3 when it's released, check out the zombie war, and also peep Leader's section in Issue 3 which is shot by Matt, as well. Do it.

Edit/update 3/12: Talked to Matt Lingo and he is down to shoot Bike Prom IV. Awesome.

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