Saturday, March 27, 2010

Right now!: Death Pedal 2 Day is Here! Polo, Trix, BBQ, Race, Film!

Death Pedal 2 is upon us!

It all starts w/ a BBQ, then a mini bike polo comp, followed by a trick sesh w/ ramps and rails at 35th & Adams Ave. Long Beach crew is in town; so you know the tricks will be in full effect.

At sundown, the Death alleycat will begin!:

Emerrson and the Bogus crew organize the illest alleycats in SD. Mobilize at 35th & Adams at sundown for a Bogus Death.

Not sure where the final destination is, so come out to the park to find out.

Either way, the party will migrate to the historic Ken Cinema in the Kensington neighborhood of SD (4061 Adams Ave.). Be there at midnite for the 2nd U.S. premiere and 1 of 2 West Coast premieres of Death Pedal 2 directed by SD-Alumni Kareem Shehab! All for free! Kareem and I went and checked out the theater and tested the DVD the other day. It's lookin' good! You'll know you're at the right theater when you see the historic marquee that reads, "Death Pedal 2."

Get off the internet and get outside on this amazing San Diego day!

Put some Death into your life.

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