Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Discussion or Action?

Wow! That was the longest gap in updates ever! Sorry about that.

Lately I've been more into doing bike advocacy than blogging about it. Discussion is great, but sometimes you gotta put your money where your mouth is and just take action. Instead of writing about this group, or that plan, or an event or an idea, someone needs to step up and make it happen, in person. So, why not be that person?

At this exact moment, we're at the cusp of an amazing pro-bike and urban re-planning livable streets movement taking place across the U.S.. There are more people taking action on those issues than ever before! More and more people are starting bike 'zines, films, blogs, advocacy groups, encouraging their friends to ride, writing books, crafting, building frames, writing letters to their mayors, winning federal 'livable streets research' funding, pushing their local municipalities and encouraging them to improve conditions for cyclists, and most importantly taking to the streets via two wheels in historical numbers.

If you're one of those people, I applaud you.

Mic control (which, academically speaking, translates into 'persuasive discourse founded in research or real-life experience') will always be essential for any movement to effectively take place. But for an idea to become reality, someone must act on it...With that said, I'm going to start spending more time taking action rather than reporting on action.

Behind the scenes of this blog, I'm working on a number of exciting local bike advocacy projects right now that are not associated w/ this blog. (If you want to know more shoot me an email). But one project, which I'm extremely excited for, will be associated w/ this blog. That event is set to take place at The Che Cafe in July. Details to come.

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