Friday, May 28, 2010

Tonite!: SD's Most Popular, Free Bicycling Tradition

San Diego Critical Mass, the most popular free cycling tradition in SD history, is goin' down tonite.

Last month a new SD bike/ped advocacy group called Streets For People--whose primary goal is to bring a ciclovia event to SD--was successful at leading the 1,000+ person Critical Mass ride down down 30th street last month in lieu of the 30th On 30th event. Key 30th On 30th event organizers aim to make the event more bike and people friendly and have been in communication w/ Streets For People. The reason for leading CM down 30th last month was to fuse core principles of SFP, CM, and 30th On 30th together--that being the idea that some streets are better without constant flow of automobile traffic.

Before SFP intervened w/ CM last month the ride had gone straight into downtown for about 5 months in a row. SFP helped break the downtown-first trend and helped lead CM back into the center-city/mid-city area.

We'll see what happens tonite!

The ride meets at the Big Fountain at Balboa Park at 7pm, as per usual.

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