Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tonite! Japanther & Jehovas Fitness at Che Cafe!

It's not too often that I blog about shows on here. But tonite's show warrants an entry.

Japanther and Jehovas Fitness will be playing at The Che Cafe tonite!

There are only a few bands in the U.S. that know how to have as much fun and facilitate fun as well as Brooklyn-based Japanther.

(Japanther singer/drummer, Ian Vanek, in Long Beach, CA. Photo by Chanty Cheryl).

(A flier--by Nicholas in Vienna--for a Japanther show in Vienna).

Japanther band mates, Matt Reilly and Ian, love to ride. At their live shows, they often dedicate songs to cyclists. Their 2007 album, "Skuffed Up My Huffy," is probably my single most listened-to album. While Japanther's love for riding is a plus, their music stands on its own.

Playing before Japanther will be Jehovas Fitness. As I wrote last year, I don't think there is a single musician in San Diego who has as much mic control as Jehovas Fitness singer/songwriter/spoken word artist, Danny Munoz. Danny has played numerous bike-related benefit shows at the Bike Kitchen in addition to playing Bike Prom '08 and '09.

(Danny Munoz has mic control. Photo by Daryl Rysdyk, taken at the Che Cafe).

Plus, The Preteens, the two-piece who played the 21+ premiere of The Revival last year, will also be playing tonite. The Preteens are also daily cyclists who enjoying frequenting San Diego Critical Mass.

Pull out your magnifying glass to peep this miniature flier for tonite's show at the Che Cafe located on the southern portion of the UCSD main campus:

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