Thursday, November 25, 2010

CM & CRETINS' Black Friday Ride!

Round up your biggest shopping bags and your most brutal stomping boots this Friday because it's time to SHOP 'TIL YOU KILL!

(Shop 'Till You Kill spokecard by Marcus, circa 2008).

What a better day for a bike ride (or two) than Black Friday, where millions of Americans engage in one of the most questionable and social-Darwinistic days of the year--Get out of the way or you'll get stomped to death...

That's what happened to 43-year-old Wal Mart employee Jimmy Overby who was killed by hundreds of Black Friday shoppers who stomped on his body as they ran to buy things. And a couple years ago two people died in a Black Friday gun battle in Toys-R-Us.

So rather than stressin' yourself by rushing to the mall this Black Friday to replace your whole DVD collection w/ Blu Ray versions, take your bike out and go for a ride around your neighborhood. Invite your family and/or your friends. Ride for fun. Ride for you.

If you live in San Diego join Critical Mass for the highly anticipated Black Friday ride. Meets at 7pm at The Fountain in Balboa Park.

After Critical Mass come back to The Fountain for a special CRETINS' Black Friday ride. THE CRETINS' ride meets at The Fountain at 9pm and departs at 10pm. Route to be determined. What has been determined is that there will be dodgeball after!

Free bike ride, dodgeball, thrills, laughs w/ friends > lines, money burning, bad music, and canned experiences at the mall. Hmm... Your choice.

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