Friday, November 19, 2010

This Sunday!: Bunnyhops For Breastcancer is here!

After being rained out in October and rescheduled for Nov. 21, the Bunnyhops For Breastcancer event is finally here this Sunday! I was looking forward to it then and I'm even more excited now:

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This is gonna be a riot! This is has got to be one of the biggest non-monthly DIY bike events to ever happen in San Diego. The amount of sponsors that Rocco and Gus from Fast Pace Zine have pulled for this event is insane. They've been busting their ass for this. Huge props to them in advance.
Also, thanks to Will for the ramps.

There's talk about rain this weekend...but that won't stop us this time. Note the alternate location on the flier in case of rain. Bring your ponchos, boys and girls.

See you Sunday! Spread the word!

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