Monday, November 8, 2010

Felony Charges Dropped on Rich Hit-and-Run Motorist so they won't Jeopardize His Job

Rich people deserve more rights than poor people. Don't you know this? No, I'm not talking about India's caste system which institutionalized and legalized classism. I'm talking about Vail, Colorado, a place recently characterized by unapologetic rich-privilege and extreme injustice against cyclists.

Martin Joel Erzinger, who manages rich clients' investments at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, was driving his 2010 Mercedes when he allegedly veered onto the side of a highway and struck an innocent cyclist from behind. The cyclist, Dr. Steven Milo who works to save other other peoples' lives, was suddenly laying on the side of the highway fighting for his own. Dr. Milo's spine was damaged and his brain experienced internal bleeding.

The hit-and-run perpetrator Erzinger fled the scene, according to police. Further down the road, Erzinger pulled over where he called his Mercedes dealership to report damages to his bumper, rather than calling 911. According to court documents, he did NOT alert authorities or request assistance for the cyclist. Erzinger was arrested.

Erzinger's complete lack of remorse for human life is deplorable.

But according to Vail, Colorado District Attorney Mark Hulbert, what Erzinger did only warranted a couple misdemeanor charges. Last week DA Hulbert dropped felony charges against Erzinger citing that the charge could have 'serious job implications' for Erzinger.

(Vail, Colorado District Attorney Mark Hulbert)

This degree of explicit rich-privilege is intolerable and in no way represents equality.

Hit-and-run victim Dr. Milo's lawyers were apparently livid to learn that the felony charges were dropped. Dr. Milo writes, 'Mr. Erzinger struck me, fled and left me for dead on the highway. Neither his financial prominence nor my financial situation should be factors in your prosecution of this case.'

Theoretically, all prosecutions have 'serious job implications' for all people. If DA Hulbert's is so obsessed w/ making sure that his rulings have no 'serious job implications' for violators of the law w/ no remorse for human life, then the last job he should have is a district attorney position!

Help bring hit-and-run motorist Erzinger to justice. Help remind DA Hulbert what justice means.

1. Sign the petition at to help urge DA Hulbert to reconsider dropping the felony charges.

2. Urge the Department of Justice to investigate this case and take appropriate action: 202-353-1555 ,

3. Urge Colorado's Attorney General John Suthers to investigate this case and take appropriate action: 303-866-4500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting,

The petition has nearly 10,000 signatures and both DA Hulbert and the CO Attorney General have removed their Facebook pages after being buried in comments about this case. The word is getting out! Help fight for justice! You can help.

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