Friday, November 6, 2009

Bic Control to Host San Diego Premier of The Revival!

We're pleased to confirm that Bic Control will be hosting the San Diego Premier of The Revival! Every sign so far has indicated that The Revival will be the most epic urban bicycling film to date.

If you haven't seen the trailers yet, we encourage you to do so:

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

THE REVIVAL/KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

When we were in NYC earlier this summer we were fortunate enough to personally witness some caliber of riding similar to the above at the weekly Peel Sessions under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Coincidentally, it turned out to be a big summertime nite for Peel Sessions. Wayne and Tom from The Revival were there, the director of Empire was there, Torey, Prolly, Wonka, Mosher and many others were there just killing it.

(Some of the most talented bike kids in North America. From left to right are Torey, Wayne (co-director), Tom (co-director), and homeboy from The Revival).

(This car gets put to good use...BQE is a well-known skating spot. During Peel Sessions, BQE becomes a shared space between skaters and fixed gear kids, but it's mostly populated by fixed gear kids out mashing, thrashing and fearlessly attacking some brutal ramps).

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(Prolly (above) is not only a great blogger but a super nice guy and a really talented cyclist. Prolly was continously busting and landing sick tricks throughout the entire nite. The dude was non-stop! But he was never too busy to stop for a conversation. Prolly=a great mthrfckn person. Check his blog here. You can see the ramp in the background here. Prolly, Torey, and Wonka were handling that ramp proper. I couldn't really capture it as well as it deserved. You'll have to check the film to see if it got dropped in The Revival).

(R.I.P. Wonka's frame. This is moments after Wonka's frame collapsed on him after jumping off the ramp directly behind the wreckage. Wonka's tricks are so vicious that they inspire Giovanni Pelizzoli aka "Ciocc" to experiment with new frame designs. Can anything more respectable be conveyed about a rider? That's got to be tops. See the film "Soul of Steel: A Portrait of Giovanni Pelizzoli aka "Ciocc"" which premiered w/ the touring Bicycle Film Festival. Ciocc himself finds inspiration in today's urban fixed gear rider and the film flashes to scenes of Wonka landing the sickest shit. That was definitely a high point in fixed gear culture. Big ups to Wonka. We're highly anticipating the work you'll be unleashing in The Revival).

All this footage and talk is making us miss NYC. As I was telling my buddies out in NYC, riding bikes in NYC traffic is like the last level of a video game.

On Friday November 20th come to The Whistlestop to see what's up with North America's toughest riders in The Revival! The (free!) San Diego Premier is proudly hosted by Bic Control and will begin at 8:30pm.

Photos by Matt Lingo

DJ sets by
-DJ Bikerophone
-DJ Justin Cota-Pop
-DJ Eddie Kon

Live music by
-The Preteens

Custom hand-made bicycle on display by Maldoror Slowcraft

Local sponsors include
-The Cretins
-Los Cruzadores
-Chain Gang
-Velo Cult
-Leader Bikes (recently added)

(21+). Address is 2236 Fern St. San Diego, CA 92104 near Velo Cult in the South Park neighbhorhood.

Note: The Revival Premier is no longer taking place at the Tin Can on Friday, Nov. 13. It is now taking place at The Whistlestop on Friday, Nov. 20.

Final details on the flier are being worked out. To be released soon. Stay blogged.

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