Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Prolly love

John Watson showed us some love on his highly purposeful, informative, and fun-to-read NYC-based bike blog, Prolly Is Not Probably.

Check it out (click on pic) for linkages:
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Prolly is awesome; there's no other way around it. It's really impressive how he is able to update his blog so frequently (with quality posts), find the time to ride so often and hard (see his section in The Revival), and work as an architect. How the f*ck does he do it? It's really rad to know there are urban design experts out there, like Prolly, who know what serves cyclists best.

In the global warming era, it should be a requirement (or at the very least a strong recommendation) for traffic engineers, urban planners, developers, and architects to also be a cyclist (unless they are physically unable to do so) so those decision-makers know what it's like to integrate into an urban design/city/facility on a bicycle. This is kind of a side point, but it was really frustrating when the only City of San Diego representatives at the City of San Diego Bike Plan Meeting earlier this year were 'traffic engineers' who don't ride bikes. (We were there and we spoke w/ them). How do they know what's best for bicyclists when most of their experience using roads is from a windshield perspective?

Anyways, glad to know there are people like Prolly out there. Dude's got mic control and bike control.

Thanks for the awesome write-up, Prolly!

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