Friday, November 27, 2009

Right now!: Black Friday Critical Mass and Footdown, tonite!

There's been a lot of sad entries lately involving pedestrians and cyclists killed, shot at, and/or denied justice.

However, tonite at Critical Mass any and everyone can come together for a fun bicycle ride throughout our beautiful San Diego. The ride is meant to be fun for all. You can help keep it that way by being an ambassador for conscientious riding by offering constructive communication to things you do and/or do not approve of. This is the people's ride. So speak up to make it better and as fun for as many people as possible.

Meet at the big fountain at Balboa Park tonite (in 40 minutes!)! Bring a working bicycle, lights, a helmet, friends, and a posi-attitude.

After the ride, why not stop by Footdown for a friendly drink w/ other SD cyclists?:

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