Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tour d'Afrique Dream Tour & The Silk Route Bicycle Expeditions

Bic Control sponsor Tour d'Afrique is planning an epic bicycle odyssey for 2010 known as "The Silk Route," which will begin in Istanbul, ride through Turkey, parts of Central Asia, and end near Beijing, China. The 16 week, 10,700 kilometer tour will climb 4600 meters along the Pamir Highway aka the "Roof of the World." If you sign up by Nov. 15 Tour d'Afrique will knock 400 euro off the price.

Or you can design your own tour via Tour d'Afrique's new "DreamTours" concept.

Check it out here.

These tours make our Los Cruzadores' San Diego to Tijuana day-rides look like a piece of cake--or, more appropriately, a piece of burrito! Burrito > cake. Hands down.

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