Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tomorrow! Missing Alleycat Race by Bogus! 4 pm

The Bogus homies organize the best alleycats in San Diego. Be there (Market & 8th) tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 29) at 4pm. Race departs promptly at 5:30pm.

The final destination is a huge party for the race and for Emerson's birthday! Don't miss it.

Bogus' latest race, the Beach Party Alleycat, which took place earlier this summer was one of the most fun bike events of the entire year! Long-lost pictures from that race to be posted up soon, finally.

I (this particular Bic Control contributor) came in 4th at that race! Yeah-yuh! It was a super fun time, w/ an SD style bonfire rager afterwards. Everyone had a blast, so don't miss tomorrow's race.

But beware and be aware; The Cretins are gonna take this sh*t!

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  1. Big ups to Kevin (The Cretins) for coming in first! The race was incredibly fun. The Bogus Alleycat kids do not disappoint. Plus the after-party (also the final destination) was a ridiculous amount of fun. The first band who played, Jungle Fever (ex-Wild Weekend), f*cking ripped it! Look out for this relatively new SD band on the come-up.