Friday, November 20, 2009

The Word Gets Out on Tonite!: Trackosaurus, Prolly, Death Pedal, & Bike San Diego Write Up

Trackosaurus Rex, Prolly is Not Probably, and Death Pedal showed us some love by helping to get the word out on the celebratory San Diego premier of The Revival taking place tonite! Thanks homies. Check their blogs at the above linxxx.

We also did a write-up on the premier for Bike San Diego. Bike San is an excellent resource for San Diego cyclists. The good people at Bike SD even offered us an account to write whatever the hell we want for their website. On occasion, we do just that. Here's our excerpt:

The Revival, urban cycling’s latest film by Canadian phenoms Skitch & Morehart Films, will be premiering [tonite!] for free at The Whistlestop Bar (21+) in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego.

The trailers have indicated that this will be one of the finest fixed gear films to date. Even non-fixed gear cyclists can appreciate the perspective these talented filmmakers have on urban bicycling.

Whether you ride a fixed gear or not, it is undeniable that the fixed gear bicycle has propelled new interest in urban bicycling–particularly among today’s youth. Traffic sociology in many major U.S. cities is changing. Bicycle ridership–in many U.S. cities–is reaching historic levels. Young adults are taking to the streets on two wheels like never before. They’re scouring thrift stores and their parents’ garages looking for 70s/80s steel road frames to strip down, simplify, revive and convert to fixed gears to thrillingly propel [themselves] around cities cheaply, healthily, and sustainably.

San Diego is but one city where this social phenomena is taking place.

The Revival represents modern youth’s fascination with the fixed gear bicycle. This film is bound to further propel interest in urban bicycling, particularly among young people. Come out [tonite!] for a celebratory and fun SD bike party at The Whistlestop (2236 Fern St. near Velo Cult) to see why we love the fixed gear bicycle so much.

There it is, y'all. Hope to see you tonite! Please, ride home when sober and safe to do so.

See you there tonite!

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